The Future of Security,
Defence and Aerospace

First Edition
MAY 18 / BST 19:00
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Solution Focused Online Meeting Centre of Defence, Aerospace and Security Sectors: SEDEC Talks

With the COVID-19 outbreak, and the resulting destruction of old habits; SEDEC is preparing to offer innovative new opportunities to the security, defence and aerospace sectors in terms of presentation and enlightenment with its online events. These sectors need to continue their activities without interruption for the national security of their countries. With this regard, SEDEC Talks tackles sectoral issues with leading representatives from Turkey and the world.

Despite bringing life to a stop in the world, COVID-19 has not been able to slow down the defence and aerospace sectors. Companies from
these two sectors continue to work by making homeland security a priority. As R&D and production activities continue uninterrupted, a need for a new platform has emerged on which the sector could come together again.

Implemented in order to meet this need, SEDEC Talks, aims to fill the absence of events and fairs which are postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. SEDEC Talks, which will bring decision makers, main platform manufacturers and SMEs together, offers innovative promotion and business development opportunities to the companies as well as addressing the industry's problems and future goals.

First Event: The Future of Security, Defence and Aerospace

SEDEC Talks is going to deal with the future of security, defence and aerospace sectors with its first event on May 18th. Moderated by Türksat’s General Director Cenk Şen, the event will be held with the participation of leading domestic and foreign actors of the sector. This event, which will shed light on the future of the sector, will also contribute to the creation of a new road map for the participants.

In this regard, we will realize our first program, "The Future of Security, Defence and Aerospace” at the 18th of May, BST 19:00. We will be hosting important industry stakeholders like TURKSAT, SPACE X, TUSAS, LEONARDO, AQST, and the supporting partners from Government and NGO’s in the session, which will be held free of charge online.



The Future of Security, Defence and Aerospace

Cenk Şen


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Jean-Marc Nasr


Executive Vice President
Space Systems
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Tom Ochinero


Vice President of Commercial Sales
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Prof. Temel Kotil


President & CEO
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Camillo Pirozzi


International Marketing & Strategic Campaigns VP
Turkey & Central Asia
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Gurvinder Chohan


Chief Executive Officer
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Hİlal Ünal Türkan


Head of Organisation Committee
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Why is SEDEC Talks happening?

Until the SEDEC 2020 Conference, Fair and B2B/B2G Event, which will take place on 15-17 September 2020, in, Ankara, we are shouldering our responsibility to present you with a series of the most innovative and worthwhile online seminars.
SEDEC 2018, which was the first and only event that successfully handled homeland security, border security, internal security and defence systems under one roof, will be back with its second edition of the SEDEC 2020. Considering the health of their exhibitors and visitors, the SEDEC Organization Team postponed SEDEC 2020, which was initially scheduled for June 2-4, to September 15-17, without changing the location and setting of the event.

You can find detailed information about SEDEC here:
Head Office


Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi
274. Sokak Wings Ankara
A Blok No:75 Yenimahalle Ankara
+90 (312) 251 55 06
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